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because someone has to do the cooking...
TEACHER: So does anyone know why the army doesn't let women fight on the front lines?
ME: ... because SOMEBODY has to do the cooking... And that's why they let women in the military.
TEACHER: Go to the principal! I'm so offended... blah blah blah... womens rights... blah blah blah... equality... blah blah blah $.75 to a man's $1.00... bitch bitch bitch...
ME: The men make more money because they pay for all of the stupid crap you always ask for
by ninjaplz February 06, 2009
Beat Up from the Feet Up
That chick is so ugly, she's BUFU!!!!
by NinjaPlz June 29, 2014
A crappy school full of minorities and AP's who only like basketball and football
TOM: So why do you go to Canyon instead of GVHS?
MARY: Because Golden Valley High School sucks
TOM: Too true...
by ninjaplz February 06, 2009
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