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A cross between being depressed and bored. It's the feeling when you think, eh what's the point and don't feel like doing anything.
Friend: Hi
You: Hey
Friend: 'sup?
You: Not much, just a bit deprored :/
by ninjapenguin981 February 12, 2010
Someone who causes people to go offline when they talk to them on an IM/Facebook/Myspace etc.
Person 1: Hey
Person 2 has gone offline
Person 1: :( why do I have to be such an offloner
by ninjapenguin981 January 22, 2010
Another word for eating. Comes from putting things in your mouth (fush) and therefore fushing.

Also interchangeable with words such as nomming.
Person 1: What you doing?
Person 2: Oh, I'm just fushing some food.
by ninjapenguin981 December 04, 2009
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