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A Colorado High School with sucky sports teams, but hey, they're smarter and better than those overrated fags from Highlands Ranch High School.
"Mountain Vista High School totally fails at sports."
"I know, but those assholes from Highlands Ranch High School need to go die in a hole."
by ninjapenguin October 08, 2011
(N) The combination of the phrase "dream come true." It is time saving and efficient, meant only for those who truly deserving, such as a soul mate. A word that shows a divine connection to the individual who is verbalizing their emotions.
Girl: I love you for so many reasons.

Guy: I love you too, you're my droom.
by NinjaPenguin February 03, 2012
The most powerful force on the planet, only one holds the title of NinjaPenguin.
I saw the NinjaPenguin today, His name is Jayde.
by Ninjapenguin December 17, 2013
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