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the name of the most amazing person ever! she is shy when you meet her but has a wild side later and when she gets hyper on coffee then you cannot keep her still! she is a good listener and seems to have tips for everything. Gabby also a smart person and has an artistic side! she always can help you in class and help you study.
Wow that Gabby is Crazy
Yeah But I love her anyway!
by ninjadrewzers:) January 02, 2011
Everyone's Best Friend. She loves life and knows how to rock is an amazing listener and puts others first. She knows how to dance and is a little bit crazy. she is super cool but doesnt act full of herself. she loves you!! She is also super classy and has a funny laugh.
WOw that girl just made a kassy!

She is so Kassy!
by ninjadrewzers:) January 02, 2011
its when you LOL so hard that you get hyper. sometimes straws are involved and so you can look like a walrus, then everyone is LOLing so hard that you are too. then you are LOLing like a LOLurus!
so i was at nina's house last night and we were laughing so hard that i was LOLing like aLOLurus

Awesome! I am so coming next time, I hate missing your walrus impression!
by ninjadrewzers:) January 02, 2011
when you hear a song and you remember good memories with people with whom you dont have the same relationship now its something you think about often. but when you hear this song you remember and wish times were like back then but then dont regret anything. then your heart is once again broken as it was before after it healed.
when i heard that song on the radio, i was songbroken as i remembered my days in junior high with my best friends. its sad because we dont have the same relationship anymore.
by ninjadrewzers:) January 02, 2011
What we call the smallest drummer in our band! he is amazing and is super sweet. he is super sporty but is still short. he is awesome at everything he does! He also eats alot but maintains his skinny-ness

also the name of the best Christmas song ever!
have you seen the little drummer boy?

yeah he was in the kitchen, you better hurry before he inhales all the food!
by ninjadrewzers:) January 02, 2011
when you open your fridge only to discover a terrible smell. what is that well it could be anything cheese, pizza, soup, raw meat. who knows what. but in order to discover what the smell is you take everything out of your fridge and sniff everything. in the end you throw everything out in frustration.
so this morning i was phlangeesing....

not again troy! i told you to take care of your fridge! i am not helping you clean it out!
by ninjadrewzers:) January 02, 2011
its when you go to the mall and see these guys around 20 years old or older playing Pokemon and having McDonalds and eating really loudly and it sounds like nom nom nom. and you are standing by going. "they look like my little brother at home...."
so i went to the mall yesterday and these guys were alll pokemonomnomnom

thats horrible! but were they cute.

darling any guy over the age of 15 playing Pokemon is most definitely not cute.

you got that right!
by ninjadrewzers:) January 02, 2011
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