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39 definitions by nina

short for 'have a good day'.
replaces good day.
"thanks! and have a goodie!"
by nina November 16, 2004
when your walkin down da hall and you see a lady fall and you look up here dress and you see a big mess...
that mess was a hershey squirt
by nina March 27, 2005
When a man loves a woman they do a sweet thing called making love. Although to consemate such actions a bj may be demanded by the greedy lover (man), now a cow eye is when cum is shot into eye of the poor unsuspecting girl.
that slut had a cow eye HAH
by Nina August 03, 2005
A long, silent yet potent act of flatulence.
We were making out hardcore until my careless whisper killed the mood.
by Nina March 28, 2004