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Doing an act that would be considerd cheap, sneeky, or blatently against the stated rules in any video game. Can also be defined as being the cheapest character in the game or betraying your team mates.
We told you there was no sniper rifle, that was joey tactics!
by Nimpercent June 15, 2004
A complete stop of every activity which you are currently involved in, usually leads to interesting disscussion about the topics on hand.
No, it's time for The End.
by nimpercent June 20, 2004
An powerful entity consisting of many ratsre working together in a mass force of destruction and hatred.
My goodness, it's ratsraw!
by nimpercent June 20, 2004
when a girl uses their body or "skills" to persuade someone to do thier bidding.
Melissa is the biggest Whammy Queen whore of the universe, "Reh!"
by nimpercent March 07, 2005
The state or purpose in being in complete harmony with the spirit, essence, and wholeness of reh itself.
You must know reh to understand the power of reh.
by Nimpercent June 13, 2004
When one is trying to avoid several pursuers in any and all situations. Can pertain but is not excluded to the movie Logans Run. The Run can also be a game in Halo. The Run usually involves the one being persued to carry a small firarm or obsolete weapon, whereas the pursuers usually carry advanced weapons or vehicles.
"Rackin Sackin" - Runner
by nimpercent June 20, 2004
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