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Game played on now defunct childrens' TV show Dick and Dom in da Bungalow. Involves going into a public place, and taking it in turns to shout the word "Bogeys." Each time it has to be louder than the time before. The winner is the one who is louder or has the biggest bollocks. Bottling it disqualifies you.
Dick: "Bogies!"
Dick: "You win."
#dick and dom #children #game #bogies #bollocks
by Nimbuspony April 03, 2008
Bacon flavoured crisps popular in the UK. Formerly owned by Smiths, now by Walkers. They have a distinctive brown/pink packet with yellow writing on it. The crisps are also distinctive, looking like rashers of bacon. A rather budget packet of crisps, back in the day they only cost 10p.
Chav - "Oi! Want some Frazzles?"
#crisps #snacks #walkers #smiths #corn snack #bacon
by Nimbuspony March 31, 2008
The love certain men hold for their penises. Such is the love they have for their member, they must tell everyone they know that they are well hung, have girth or know how to use them.
"My dick is way too big for these condoms!" - John.
"You have such penis pride, John." - Victoria.
#penis #immodesty #pride #show-off #strutting
by Nimbuspony April 24, 2008
Someone who works for the British holiday camp company, Butlins. Typically chavvy, slightly gay, and prone to singing and dancing. They wear red coats, obviously.
The red coats were singing Barbie Girl all night!
#butlins #chav #camp #holiday camp #entertainment
by Nimbuspony March 27, 2008
A sausage similar to black pudding and haggis, from the south-west of England, notably Devon and Cornwall.
Paler in colour than black pudding, it is a pale pinkish cream, and consists of delicious pork fat, suet, bread and oatmeal, and occasionally various bits of offal, like lungs and liver.
Hog's pudding has become quite fashionable in the last couple of years with the recent "local food" movement.
Yum, delicious hog's pudding... You can really taste the lungs!

Wow, I bet no one else in Chelsea is eating this, I'd better buy a box just to show how tradtional and authentic I am! - West London middle-classes.
#black pudding #hogs pudding #haggis #devon #cornwall
by Nimbuspony February 19, 2008
A game in British schools similar to British Bulldog where kids chase one or a group of kids, in a mob that can be hundreds strong, mostly with the intention to cause violence and trample someone. Banned in most schools. Common in large comprehensives.
"Let's rush that idiot, he called my mum a slag!"

"Were you rushing that boy?!"
#school #british bulldog #violence #violent games #chasing
by nimbuspony April 06, 2008
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