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A hooker face is a girl that tries to steal or amourize another girl’s guy. She is a socialite that shows up at events, parties and bars and attaches herself to the most eligible, attractive, interesting guy in the room. A hooker face will intentionally go after a man that you are interested in. A hooker face will play nice to your face and talk about you behind your back. She will pretend that she’s never met you, even after you have met several times and many of the circles you travel in overlap. A hooker face will kiss your guy when you leave to go to the bathroom. A hooker face isn’t beautiful… neither is she ugly. She is well dressed and can masquerade as attractive because she is always well groomed. Traveling with her is always at least one sidekick that will puff her up, support her, her activities and unsolicited snarky comments. A hooker face is looking for a husband, preferably one with money that will support her. A hooker face is jealous and has a deep rooted insecurity that can only be fed by cutting other women down and preying on drunken, unsuspecting men that can’t help themselves when something is so obviously splayed in front of them without any opposition. A hooker face is like a piece of crap wrapped up in a shiny penny. Buyer beware.
"Look who is over there talking to him... OMG... it's hooker face. Seriously, why does she go after every guy I like".
by nikki99c February 08, 2010

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