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125 definitions by nikki

something you wear in the water
i wore my floatys today swimming!
by nikki February 20, 2005
A quamba is a ferocious alien predator who is the coolest thing since sliced bread. It even has a neato website with a forum called www.quambas.tk
OMFG ITS A QUAMBA!! Lets bow to it to worship its allmightiness. It's so cool that it even has it's own website ( www.quambas.tk )!!!!!!
by Nikki October 19, 2004
a persian gangsta...
never fuk wit pigga'z
by nikki July 15, 2004
a super hott emo boy who is a pillow hog and writes beautifully.
did you see newg in his new girl pants? damn that boy has a hott ass.
by nikki May 04, 2004
Something you say to someone who is lying.
"Yo, I bought 5 pais of Timbs today"
"flip tat"
by nikki January 24, 2004
v. to get somewhere quickly
I had to beast to class because the bell was about to ring.
by Nikki September 21, 2003
A really good snack that comes in different kinds of flavors and is a wheat product. :o
Chocolate chip muffins are the best.
by Nikki March 27, 2005