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acronym for Fucking Ridiculous and Unnecessary. Usually in regards to personal belongings left in public or shared space.
Get your fru off the coffeetable so I can set down my beer.

I told him I'm not his mother, he should pick his own fru up.

Calling me five times because you couldn't remember where you put the remote was fru.
by nikiheat May 17, 2012
A small town in the Ozark foothills. The GOP thrives in this "non-alcoholic" town (although some local businesses have found a way around this by forming clubs wherein you can pay a nominal fee and drink). The only thing more numerous than churches are banks. The local college is Arkansas Tech University, which enjoys the distinction of having the largest number of books in the library arguing that the Holocaust did not happen. Mascot: The Wonderboys. Also home to a large man-made lake, Lake Dardanelle, which serves as a cooling reservoir for the local nuclear plant, which was supposed to go offline in the 60's, and has used up all of it's on-site spent fuel rod storage space. Also known as Russ-Vegas.
I got lost on my way to the bank, but realized it was Russellville, AR, and I just needed to look for a church.

My World History professor was surprised that I had never heard of the Holocaust until I told him I was from Russellville, AR.

When I heard the fish I ate came from Russellville, AR, I was not surprised to find my poop glowed in the dark.
by nikiheat August 14, 2011
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