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girls that live in chino hills.

about 95% of these girls all dress the same, have the same (extra volume-ized) hair style, and talk in a high pitched tone that gets even higher when they're talking to an adult or when they're trying to be cute or flirty.

about 99.9% of chino hills girls pose the same in pictures. their pose consist of one hand (sometimes two hands) on the hip with one leg slightly bent or sticking out and (sometimes) with their head slanted either to the right or the left.

most of these girls are known to have a thing for Hello Kitty and they're also known for acting "blonde" in person but fairly smart on paper. Most chino hills girls love to accessories.

these girls spend hours fixing their hair, accessorizing, doing their make up, and picking out their clothes on a daily basis. sometimes the time they spend fixing themselves up is even longer than the time they're actually going to be spending outside of their house.

MOST (not all) chino hills girls will never admit it but to them, popularity > long lasting friendships, however, there are still a couple of girls left in chino hills that know the true value of friendship and look pass the labels.
person 1: woah. all these girls look the same! :o
person 2: i'm not surprised. it's because they're chino hills girls.
#chino hills #girl #blonde #vain #clone
by nikachu(: March 13, 2010
A person that is better than a friend, and even better than a best friend.

A person that is closer to you and that knows you better than your normal friends.

A person who will always be there for you. You can literally count on anytime of day. For example, you can randomly call them at 2 a.m. and they'll pick up and talk to you all night if you need to be cheered up.

A person who knows just what to say to make you laugh or smile on the days when you don't want to.

A person who knows you the way they know the back of their hand.

A person you can talk to about everything and anything, from the most random funny topics to the most serious topics. You can be totally honest with this person.

A person you don't have to act fake around because they accept you for who you are, no matter how lame you are.
She is Daisy's besterestest friend even if she's a loserface.

guy: You're my besterestest friend!

girl: Aww, you're my besterestest friend too!
#besteristest #friend #friendship #love #hug #affection #homegirl #homeboy
by nikachu(: October 06, 2009
Being lame together while not caring about what other people think.
Daisy and Sunshine are lame but they still love each other.

Iphraem and Veronnica do the lamest things because they love each other and because they are each other's besterestest friend.
#love #lame #besterestest friend #like #crush #loserface #relationship #sweet #friendship #<3 #happiness #affection
by nikachu(: October 30, 2009
can be pronounced either as I-Fram or I-Frum.

This word was introduced to the English language on October 27, 1991. It's meaning changes, depending on how it is used. It can be used in place of different words in a form of teasing, such as: lame, loserface, cradle robber, and/or biter. In other situations, this word can be used in place of different names or titles, such as: besterestest friend, boyfriend, and/or babe.
The most accurate definition of Iphraem is: honest, kindhearted, loyal, sweet, cheesy, trustworthy, funny, cute, lame, thoughtful, amazing, reliable, lovable, respectable, charming, and/or caring.
She's lucky, her boyfriend is such an Iphraem.

That's Iphraem, her besterestest friend.
#loserface #cradle robber #biter #besterestest friend #boyfriend #babe #honest #loyal #sweet #cheesy #trustworthy #funny #thoughtful #amazing #reliable #lovable #respectable #charming #caring
by nikachu(: November 01, 2009
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