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cutiest girls, drugs are tolered in the streets, good bars, the casino is so great, the strippers rock! the finest beat in the clubs,
come here
by Nicolas April 06, 2004
the french cousin of dickhead, far more popular than its anglophone counterpart
Dick Cheney est une vraie tete de bite
by nicolas October 24, 2004
What is Vavavoom, Thierry?
Non, mais non.

It is not about cheap French cars.

Vavavoom is good things for delicious people who know what matters.

Vavavoom is also like David Beckham sucking Gisele Bundchen's toes in a Corbusier house while she watches Ursula Andress coming out of the sea.

Vavavoom is what you are if you are still reading.

But most of all. Vavavoom is an ecosystem. Vavavoom to you
go to www.vavavoom.com or call your local agent in brazil, switzerland, london and france
by nicolas September 01, 2004

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