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Prior to having anal sex, a dude fills the toilet with a large coiler. He then proceeds to start ramming his lady in the ass, at the moment he is about to bust a nut, he stuffs her head into the shit filled bowl and flushes it. swirl blumpy slumpy blumpy
Last night I wanted to show this chick how much I liked her, so before we fucked, I dropped off some huge mounds of shit in the toilet and gave her a royal randy!
by nickopa January 25, 2010
A complicated procedure, you need to first antique your victim and paint their face with lipstick like the joker. Once this is done, you need to drop a deuce on some paper and smear a bit of fresh shit on your balls, then proceed to teabag the victim as per the normal teabag procedure. Once done, don't forget to clean your bag.
Man, last night at this party, this dude was out cold from slamming a 26 of vodka, my buddy got out his camera and I fully gave him a dirty conboy. The funny thing is that when we watched the video it looks like he is enjoying it. I kept saying " Why so serious"
by nickopa July 12, 2011
This is a slang reference to cocaine or blow.
for an example, see Goodie Mob - Track - Dirty South
"Like my favorite, I call it lemon head delight
That's when you lick off all the yellow and you sell the white"
by nickopa September 27, 2009
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