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first off, let me draw the line between a pothead and a stoner ...

a pothead smokes to live

a stoner lives to smoke

stoners are the most peaceful and chill people out there. they are by far the easiest group of people to get along with. they will never reject u or turn u down because ur different. whether u smoke or not makes no difference to them. they dont give a shit what color u are, what religion u practice, or if ur gay or not. stoners are all about spreadin the love and havin an all around good time. theres no reason to ever look down on a stoner. if u go around tellin people about how much weed u smoke, U ARE NOT A STONER U R A FUCKIN TOOL. nobody cares how much weed u smoke. all stoners like to do different things when theyre high. weed brings out the true colors of music and art and life. stoners actually have a life, they dont just exist. more people need to chill and just hit the blunt one time. i understant that smoking pot isnt for everyone, but if a stoner respects ur right to not smoke, please respect their right to smoke. also, a stoner will not care what u think so ur really just wasting ur time being pissy for nothing. fuck what society thinks and give it a chance if u want. its really not that bad : ) a blunt a day keeps the problems away
good stoner activities:
- chillin with some guitars around a fire
- playin basketball (preferrably pig)
- watchin a really good movie

- blunt cruisin
- chillin at FDR with ur homies
- kickin it at a party
by nicknackpaddywack August 19, 2009

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