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When you rub syrup on someone's nipples

Originated from a Youtube video entitled: YTP Michael Becomes Increasingly Explicit
When i was 7 i rubbed syrup on my sister's really big nipples fiddle diddle riddle diddle !
#syrup #fiddle diddle #michael rosen #nipples #youtube
by nick shredder June 17, 2011
A cute laugh that a shy girl does when they're talking to someone who they really like online
Guy:Hey, Whats up ?

Girl:Hey tehehe c:
#tehehe #laugh #girl #love #cute #facebook
by nick shredder June 22, 2011
Kids that where skinny jeans, and t-shirts from hottopic with a bunch of colorful bracelets and bead necklaces to go with it , for most scene kids there hair is often teased and resembles the color of puke, they usually have a lot of trashy style mascara on.

Scene kids usually have had over 10 girl/boyfriends in other words most scene kids are whore/man whores and nobody likes them but they like to think that they do , scenes may look nice and girl from the outside but don't judge a book by it's cover because most of them are bitch ass drama queens.

Many scene kids are mallrats.
look at them kids over there in that corner they're Scene kids
#scene #sceneslut #bitch #whore #skank
by nick shredder May 31, 2011
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