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a place for juvenile delinquents to go, if the state places them there or if their parents are mad rich. they serve a wide variety of teenagers of all ethnicities, using a catholic/christian curriculum in school and psychological "teaching model" in the homes.

the homes are comfortable, with a max of eight youth to a house. in charge of each house are a family teaching couple and an assistant family teacher, which is a fancy way of saying foster parents and an assistant.

it's a good place. without it, i'd still be drunk and/or on coke, lsd, and robitussin all the time, probably unemployed, and maybe homeless.
the kid stole a car and sold it to buy weed, and got arrested for it. so instead of sending him to jail, his probation officer got him referred to boys town. two years later, he was sober and ready to go into the real world and make something of himself. boys town rules...
#rehab #rehabilitation #group home #hope #freedom
by nick rules December 29, 2006
a ridiculous teen-queen idiot who got her start on the disney channel, playing the unbelievably obnoxious Lizzie McGuire. since then she has gone on to make several retarded movies like Cheaper By the Dozen (I and II). her movies seem to attract the pre-pubescent fangirl crowd, as well as horny teenage boys who can't find any real porn to jack off to, and dirty old men who fantasize over this underage piece of shit. she also has a horrible singing career, which appeals only to the fangirls.

hilary duff is not an attractive girl at all. she used to be fat and ugly, now she's adopted the olsen twins' view of the world and has gotten on coke. she wears too much damn make up and is skanky thin looking. so now, instead of a fat wannabe teen queen, she looks like courtney love prior to another stint in heroin rehab, minus the track marks.

see crack whore, jailbait, slut, cum dumpster, bitch, teen queen, skank, trailer trash.
1) Lizzie McGuire was the worst show on record to begin with, and Hilary Duff totally fucked it over and made it worse.

2) Cheaper By the Dozen blew gigantic floppy penis too, and having Hilary Duff didn't help one bit.

3) hilary duff's screeching voice scared my neighbors into calling the cops when my sister played her cds at top volume on my 6000 watt stereo, thus blowing my speakers out. thanks bitch

4) i went to a party to score some ecstasy and shrooms, and there hilary duff was, snorting line after line and then shooting crank.

5) i banged hilary duff and caught HIV
#bitch #slut #ho #crack whore #lindsey lohan #hillary duff
by nick rules December 29, 2006
despite her clingy and overly teen-queenish attitude, skanky looks, and horrifically bad singing voice, i would still totally let her piss on me.

in 5 years she'll be doing heroin just like every other teen queen
miley cyrus is to the ears as aids is to the immune system
#whore #skank #teen queen #bitch #slut #clingy #vagina #ass gremlin
by nick rules April 17, 2008
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