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11 definitions by nicest terrorist

Purple Fluid is a Denver rock band formed in 2008. They are a 13-15 year old band making them ahead of their time. They have played concerts throughout Denver. The band has a bassist, drummer, two guitars and is in search of a singer. They opened for the punk band The Frantix in 2008
I saw Purple Fluid at Wax Trax. They were amazing for their age.
by nicest terrorist April 24, 2009
a more funny and inpolite way to say bird shit
dammit i just washed my windshield and now there is bird fuck on it
by nicest terrorist December 24, 2008
a black man's favorite treat
Why do blacks eat so much chicken?
by nicest terrorist January 10, 2010
when a woman grinds your leg while you choke on a dick
i'm about to grank this lard ass
by nicest terrorist April 18, 2009