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In the gay world, more specifically amongst homosexuals, to act or be fishy is to act or be feminine. Also in the tranny world, to be fishy means to excel at being a woman, without much effort. Fishy is an adjective from the noun fish.
#1 - Girl, I didn't even recognize Jacob, he looked so
fishy, who did his make-up?

#2 - Look at Matt trying to be all fishy with those fake eyelashes!!
by niceboy October 05, 2007
A beautiful girl. She always says that she's not pretty but she is. Psyleen is a person that portrays a model. Psyleen is a mix of a Korean and a Irish name. Psyleen's best friend will be an Asian and a European. She will marry either an Asian or a European. She is the most kind, nicest, generous, caring, smartest, sweetest, cutest, hottest girl you will ever meet. Ever moment you spend with Psyleen will the the best moments of your life. Even if she can get crazy at times, she is the best girl in this universe.
Psyleen walks down the red carpet looking like a model.
by Niceboy January 25, 2014
In the gay world, more specifically with drag queens or trannys, to look bricky in a drag outfit, means to still have a quality that presents you as a man (ie. muscular arms, big hands, or walking like a dude). The opposite of bricky would be fishy.
#1 - "Girrrrl, Jorge showed up at the club wearing this Viven Westwood V-neck sweater, and I think they had shoulder pads, and it made him look bricky"


(Alex and Liz waiting to get in the club standing passing a brick wall)
Alex: Liz, do I look bricky tonight?

Liz(turns to the voice): Girl, where did you go? Girl...(she tries to feel for him)

---they pass the brick wall

Liz: Girl, I lost you for a second passing that brick wall.
by niceboy October 05, 2007

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