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A large, disgusting, dangerous white girl (preferably German) who loves sex and likes to manhandle unsuspecting white males.
Beware: interaction with a Brunhilda can often result in blue ring around the tip of one's penis.
-Dude, Kyle, that chick last night was such a Brunhilda!
-I know, I'm so ashamed of myself. Can we just catch the bus home right now? I'll even pay for your fare. I don't remember anything, but My dick is really sore right now.
#german whore #fat girl #scary chicks #broonhilda #brun hilda #brounhilda
by nicandjon February 01, 2006
A rare but potent STD contracted from having buttsex with cats. Most noticeable symptoms are brown curly hair, small tittys, a bad smell and strangely colored pubic hair. (such as polkadots)
-Dude, that chick is one fine mamajamba.
-Yo stay away from her man, Bitch got asscats!
#nasty bitch #std #herpes #aids #slut
by nicandjon February 01, 2006
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