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Nite Hawks are a nostalgic motorcycle club established in Detroit, Michigan during the 1940's.
I heard the Nite Hawks hang out at greasy burger joints.
by NHMC December 14, 2014
Small greasy hamburgers (round or square) topped with fried onions (sliced stringy or chopped minced) and thin sour dill pickles. Mustard, ketchup, and cheese is optional. They are most commonly sold at small white ceramic tiled diners, often with a castle design, an Art Deco design, or 50's malt shop design. The most famous and most commercially successful sliders were made by White Castle Hamburgers. Their sliders are square in shape. With 5 holes took out the very thin patty. They are not as good as sliders from the Independant places, but they are cheaper. Bray's, Greene's, Tel Way, Hunter, Bates, White Way, Top Hat, And Comet are a few of the Independant slider restaurants that exist or has existed.
White Castles is cool, but I want some real sliders. Hawaiian bun double sliders with cheese, pickles and fried onions hanging out.
by NHMC December 27, 2014
A type of cigar, commonly a Philly blunt. In today's terms it mostly refers to any cigar or cigar paper used to roll marijauna up for smoking. Although this was most common among white bikers in the 50's and 60's, blunts have been adopted by black hip hop culture in the early 90's and became part of mainstream culture.
Bikers rolled weed in cigar paper back in the 1950's, but didn't refer to them as blunts.
by NHMC December 15, 2014
A shortened version of "gay abandon".
He frolicked through the field with gabandon
by nhmc December 13, 2010
City in metro Detroit, MI. Shares the 8-Mile border with north-west Detroit, predominantly black, high crime rate, and crumbling roads. Known as the center of the metro Detroit area, has a small sky line of skyscrapers, but mostly suburban homes. Home to the worlds first mall and to Detroit television channels such as Fox 2 and others. Commonly referred to as "the field" and "Kwame's cousin".
50 years ago, Southfield was the place to be. Since the 1990's it's been the place to get out of.
by NHMC December 27, 2014

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