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2 definitions by neyah

an incredibly hot woman/teenager. specise mainly found in seattle doing odd things with her friends and/or sitting on a couch drinking camomille tea. emphasize HOTNESS. often used as that imaginary girl whom you had sex with while visiting "another state" and your friends "dont know her"
see bootylicouse pimp bombshell babe booty and jiggadonkadonk for more in formation.
"On my trip to San Francisco i met this girl named Sydney, she was a model, and I totaly scored" (lie).
by neyah February 20, 2005
6 6
extremely large boobs and/or ass.
can be used to discribe a person or persons body parts. a more vulumptuouse verstion of the word badonkadonk. said with expression.
1. that girl is a jiggadonkadonk!!
2. man her booty is/goes jiggadonkadonk!
by neyah February 21, 2005
5 12