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A cleansing toilet flush when caught taking a dump whilst on the phone
Bob; "Phhhlt" <plop>
Phil: Dude! Are you taking a dump?
Bob: Yeah man, can't wait.
Phil: How 'bout a courtesy phone flush? I can't concentrate on our

by nextdaycorn July 24, 2010
The decrepit drawers you wear on laundry day.
Bobby: Hey dude, you're walking funny

Phil: I'm on my last chance underpants, they chafe like a mutha
by nextdaycorn May 09, 2012
Playing Words with Friends, whilst sitting on the toilet. You get a personal bonis if you play a poop themed word.
Phil: <IM through WWF> I just played effluvia, I get a bunch of points and a personal bonus>
Bob: <IM through WWF> F-U, great Turds with Friends!
by nextdaycorn January 01, 2012

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