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Not black and white. Non-science.
Yo man, do you like poetry?

Nah dude, I stay away from the grey. It's really not my scene. Physics is where it's at.
by NewWordGuy April 13, 2014
A pussy addict is a guy who will sleep with as many girls as possible in one night
John: you'll be the 15th girl I've slept with tonight

Jackie: ewww! John you pussy addict!
by Newwordguy June 16, 2015
Having too much capacity. Too much. Over supplied.
The US refining system is overcapacitated.
by newwordguy December 07, 2011
Former Liverpool football club player who is considered as a legend around those parts of Liverpool
Kenny Dalglish: what a legend dirk kuyt was
by Newwordguy June 16, 2015
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