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~a punk city aka the capital of rhode island... with nothing but pussies... where all the people there are bostons bitches. where new bedford people go on the weekend to run shit and hold it down... even tho they leave cause the city to crappy and gross to run on a daily basis... everyone there is all talk it is known in many new england cities as the "snitch city"... the city in which they swear they're tougher than boston, new bedford,fall river, and all 3 are at least badder in every way...
Person A(From Providence):that kid from beantown aint shit. I dare Him To Get In My face... puh

Person B(From Boston): What'd Yah Say? Punk-Ass Nigga?

Person A: (Scared Timid Voice) Nothing :'(

Person B: I Thought So... *Walks Away Like A Boss*
by newbeigh123 February 03, 2013
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