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A town where everyone drives their sooped up 100hp civics into trees and ditches on a daily basis. Whilst living there I could hear a fire engine roll by at all hours of the night everyday. Also known as lil' San Juan.
Bob is headed to Poinciana today. Where he'll encounter a million-n-1 reckless drivers.
by nevsky June 08, 2009
An overgrowth of hair on a womens vagina.
I was ignorant on eating Jamie out yesterday after I had noticed her beaver muff.
by nevsky September 12, 2006
A women's breasts in motion. a.k.a. Bouncing boobs.
Damn that girls tadder flaps have some serious kick. Look their even gaining altitude.
by nevsky September 12, 2006
Nipples that are pinkish-red in color.
Hey Brett. Remember Joanna? She had some ruby nips!
by nevsky September 12, 2006
An Offensive term used to describe someone who licks dirty pussy.
Robert's a fucking cunt sickle.
by nevsky September 12, 2006
Durring anal/ doggy-style sex. The male partner pulls out and unloads on the females back. After doing so throws a comforter over his partner and shoves her off the bed.
I performed a superman on Jessica last night. She's so pissed.
by nevsky September 12, 2006
Pinching crow-toes or crab-feet.
Yesterday I was lop'ered by Emily for grabbing her ass while we were watching tv. Damn lop'ers!
by nevsky September 11, 2009

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