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a city in Florida that is over populated, mostly by Hispanics and kids from New York who think they're hardcore.... is full of people who would like to get the hell out.
-yo yo yo, Poinciana can suck it yo!

a: howz do u speel ponsianna?
b: P-0-n-$-!-4-N-AA ii tHiink.

-hey, puta! I hate POINCIANA!
by Megan Chaos October 22, 2007
A town where everyone drives their sooped up 100hp civics into trees and ditches on a daily basis. Whilst living there I could hear a fire engine roll by at all hours of the night everyday. Also known as lil' San Juan.
Bob is headed to Poinciana today. Where he'll encounter a million-n-1 reckless drivers.
by nevsky June 08, 2009
Large Growing Community located in Kissimmee, Florida with population of 70,000 It has become very popular within young couples starting a family.
Poinciana is 30 minutes within major attractions in Orlando, Kissimmee Area.

Nude resort (Cypress Cove) located within minutes of Poinciana community.
by PolkSheriff June 05, 2009