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The Persian Gulf (In Farsi: Khaleej-é-Farrs) is the mass of water located between the Iranian peninusla and the Arab states of Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman.

Since the 1960s, Arab states (or Persian Gulf Arabs )have unsuccessfully tried to change the name of the Persian Gulf into the "Arabian Gulf". This term is not used in English and is not acknowledged by organizations such as the United Nations, The National Geographic Society, and official cartographers.

The Persian Gulf is called Persian beacause of the history of Iran which dominated the region and beacause Iran has the longest coastline on the Persian Gulf.
The Persian Gulf was, is and will be called as the Persian Gulf until the end of times.
by NeverMindWho March 03, 2006
(The current definition is wrong - there is no such mass of water with the name 'Arabian Gulf'.).

Bahrain (an island) is a country in the Persian Gulf.

The Kingdom of Bahrain lies in the Persian Gulf.
by NeverMindWho March 10, 2006
A smart hairy little bugger who knows the true meaning of life.
If you give my chimpanzee a banana you will make him a happy chimpanzee.

My chimpanzee sign-languaged that if you call him, George Walker Bush again, he's gonna APE yo ass.
by NeverMindWho March 06, 2006
Sitting in your room and writing nonsense on the Wall of urbandictionary.com or/and adding new definition entries in mad succession in the hope that at least one gets published and "oh wouldn't it be sweet victory if one made it to the front page".

Go and study, you turkey!
(followd by a palm backhander on the kids head).
The future of your country's economy depends on you!
by NeverMindWho March 02, 2006
The "Greaseless Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Cream". Bengay was brought to North America from France in 1898 and continues to relieve pain for millions of sufferers more than 100 years later.
Developed in the late 1800's by Dr Bengue, a French pharmacist, BENGAY (analgesic rub) is a medicated cream that reduces muscle and joint pain. The BENGAY family of analgesic rubs offers quick and effective relief to anyone suffering from muscle ache, joint or minor arthritis pain.

Product Description

Warm penetrating relief of arthritis and joint pain
Bengay Arthritis Extra Strength is specially formulated to penetrate deep down to provide long lasting and effective relief of minor arthritis, joint and muscle pain
Non-greasy, non-staining formula.

Available formulas:
Bengay* Ice Extra Strength, Bengay* Original, Bengay* Muscle Pain No Odour, Bengay* Muscle Pain Ultra Strength.
Friend 1: Dude I've got such a friggin back ache from bangin your sister last night.
Friend 2: Really? Remove your shirt and let me apply BenGay's warm and penetrating cream on your back.
Friend 1: Euew dude! You fuckin' homo!
Friend 2 (scoffing): I just wanted to massage some cream on your back.
by NeverMindWho February 17, 2006
When you are already stuck in a particular problematic situation and there is a high risk of being discovered by third parties and it could lead you to embarassment, imprisonment, a smack-around-the-head, grounding, divorce, a severe belt-beating etc. Bonnie Situations can be a psychological burden as you are trying to get out of the situation as quickly as possible before you are discovered - a kinda race-against-the-clock. A Bonnie Situation is more aptly used when a husband is about to be found out doing something wrong by his wife. Only the very focused and quick thinking macks can cooly arise from a Bonnie Situation.
Example 1:
Dude1: Daaamn hombre! Your homegrown marijuana harvest is good this year.
Dude2: Is that your parents car pulling up in the drive way?
Dude1: Shit! Quick! Open the windows, fetch the deodarant spray.
Dude2: We got ourselves a Bonnie Situtation.

Jimmie: Now don't you understand that if Bonnie comes home and finds a dead body in her house, I'm gonna get divorced. (....)
(Later on)
Jules: You got to appreciate what an explosive element this Bonnie situation is. If she comes home from a hard day's work and finds a bunch of gangsters doin' a bunch of gansta shit in her kitchen, ain't no tellin' what she's apt to do.

(From the movie, Pulp Fiction)
by NeverMindWho March 01, 2006
Asked in a situation where you reach a point of no return or you have surpassed a dangerous obstacle and have survived the ordeal. 'What now' is also used as in,'where does this leave us', in terms of re-questioning your relationship status with someone.
Butch: What now?
Marsellus: What now? Well, let me tell you what now. I'm gonna call a coupla pipe-hitting' niggas, who'll go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch. Hear me talkin', hillbilly boy?! I ain't through with you by a damn sight. I'm gonna get Medieval on your ass.
Butch: I meant what now, between me and you?
Marsellus: Oh, that 'what now?' Well, let me tell ya what now between me an' you. There is no me an' you. Not no more.

(Dialogue from the movie, Pulp Fiction)
by NeverMindWho March 01, 2006
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