22 definitions by neu

your tightest nigs.
hey, don't mess with my nackas, we'll thow shame on y'game.
by neu January 30, 2004
when you don't like the sugardaddy that is winning the girl you like out of your hands, this is what you call that sleezy dipshit.
yeah he's really cool with all that money and whatever. fucking papa dingles, he's great.
by neu January 26, 2004
the freshest of all compliments, giving a peice of your burger to a friend wrapped in a napkin.
hey, we're old friends. enjoy a beefnap.
by neu January 26, 2004
being a hussy behind everyone's backs
look at her, skeezin. I see her she so busted.
by neu January 26, 2004
making sure your friend is alright when away throwing up
yeah I'll go check on Bobby. I'll do a slow def check after my smoke.
by neu December 09, 2003
when syrup falls in your lap at breakfast
oh shit look (point at lap) fatty neu dripples.
by neu January 26, 2004
someone who's skeezin'

(see skeezin)
why that trimp be skeezin??
by neu January 26, 2004
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