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cash to be placed in a short term investment. if the investment matures well the investor can expect a rapid return in the form of getting utterly wankered and shagging some bint usually in Woolworth's doorway whilst holding a kebab
Big Al won a monkey on the gee gees so he had enough Beertokens to get us all completely trousered that night.
#beer #drink #money #cash #spending
by neilyboy March 06, 2008
The popular pursuit of taking an already pish car and rendering it even less desirable by festooning it with a plethora of cheap tat purchased from Halfords in a vain attempt to persuade young ladies to drop down.
Big Stevie spent a stack of beertokens gimpin his ride to get that wee burd from Tescos to drop down but she said his motor looked like he'd smashed into Poundstretchers window.
#car #cruisin #modifiy #custom #ride #gimp my ride
by neilyboy March 05, 2008
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