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A very brief shag: a quickie: a shag in the style of an S.A.S operation, in other words, a quick in/out and nobody knows you've been.
I had an SAS shag last night, a quick in/out and she didn't even know I'd been there.
by neilta August 23, 2009
Acronym: Most Oppressed People Ever Syndrome, commonly applied in football circles to refer to a group of people who revel in, and indeed define themselves by, the fact that they are the Most Oppressed People Ever, although in reality nobody gives a toss about them.
Celtic supporter: "Everyone hates us because we are Irish, but we don't care, in fact we want you to hate us because it only makes us stronger."
Everyone Else: "Get over yourselves you bunch of self pitying Mopes."
by neilta August 22, 2009
Having sex. Based on the scientific assertion that having sex uses the same amount of energy as running five miles.
"I run five miles with the wife last night".
by neilta August 22, 2009
A colloquial soccer term for a very young goalkeeper.
The goalkeeper was so young, the newspapers referred to him as Kid Gloves.
by neilta August 23, 2009

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