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Having lots of background experience in a particular subject. Usually a term abused by ignorant and cocky fucktards.
As faggot ass Moy says:

"You gotta know your networking, how to hump a telephone pole, and feed a fish to a walrus... All I'm saying is that you have to wear your Third Hat... and I know you kids these days just don't have it."

"My son is a straight-A student in Notre Dame, he really flashes his third hat man."

"I think my cock is big because I'm wearing my Third Hat."

"Moy is a faggot."
by Negger March 05, 2004
When Chang goes "ERRMMMM!!!!! WRRRHHHMMM!!!! ERRRRMMMMMM!!!!" often followed by closed fist pounding of the lap.
Person A: Dude, would you quit coughing so hard, or are you trying to clear your throat?

Chang: No. I just have a small case of Chang Disorder.
by negger March 11, 2005
A 23-year-old man develops violent explosive diarrhea (VED), watery with blood, fecal leukocytes, and mucus approximately 3 days after eating chicken that was improperly cooked. Comma-shaped organisms were found in the fecal smear along with red blood cells and leukocytes. Which of the following pathogens is the most likely cause of these symptoms?

A. Campylobacter jejuni
B. Enterotoxigenic E. coli
C. Shigella sonnei
D. Staphylococcus aureus
E. Vibrio cholera

The correct answer is A.
by negger March 05, 2005
Not really sure. A Fucking kYKE, a Faggot spYKE. Who knows. All I know is that I hate you.
I wanna fuck Rikku.

by Negger November 28, 2003
You call that an acting career?
by Negger July 31, 2004
When you're dancing at a club and you shake yourself side to side but instead you end up shaking your nuts side to side and each time it slaps your leg. May be audible.
syozza every1
syozza EVERY1
syozza dance
* syozza dances
* Jammywanks dances
* Jammywanks jiggle your nuts
syozza DANCE!
* Navy_Spitfire pantces
* (V)ighty(V)ike can't dance
* (V)ighty(V)ike is scarred
syozza DANCE!
* eaglejox jumps around
* Jammywanks pulls his pants down and shits on the dance floor when the smoke effects come out

* (V)ighty(V)ike dances =(
* Jammywanks jiggles his nuts
* Jammywanks left and right
* Jammywanks side to side
* eaglejox wonders wtf jiggles is

Jammywanks jiggle is like shaking your nuts
Jammywanks only your nuts
Jammywanks you can't jiggle your ass

Navy_Spitfire who is this jammy wanks kid
blayzinyo the guy that invented jiggling
* blayzinyo jiggles
by negger December 08, 2005

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