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a different way to tell one of your bros or just some random person to "chill out"
max : OMG dude im a beast at Call of Duty
sam : bro put your snuggie on you only have 2 kills half way through a game of sabotage
by Nathaniel Plaza July 31, 2009
A.K.A a lolwich
when instant messaging a person the sender says lol then says something that is funny(or something that they think is funny) then adds another lol before the reciver of the message can respond
AIM#1) lol
AIM#1) it tastes like chicken
AIM#1) lol
AIM#2) dude u just lol sandwiched me
by nathaniel plaza July 25, 2008
the act of jizzing on a friends keyboard in a mean spirited practical joke
"shit dude someone just fuckin jizzed on my keybord"

"yea dude i went white boarding last night !!"
by Nathaniel plaza March 22, 2009
where a person gets sunburn on one side of their face and not on the other
guy 1: dude did you see brian
guy 2: yea he went to the beach right?
guy 1: yea he has McDaniel syndrome now
by Nathaniel plaza March 15, 2009

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