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1. A shmuck. A fool. A person in complete denial of the truth, especially when someone calls them a hobbo, and they know damn well that they are the hobbo
2. One who follows hobboism; Jean
Jean, the hobbo, went to her hobbo worship every day, but still denies being a hobbo.
by Nathan March 06, 2004
Words to describe a pseudo-woman that looks like a man/horse combo and is your boss.
Man, (insert name here) is a Man-Boss!
by Nathan December 22, 2003
Definition:to take a dump
Bob: Boy I ate too much beans!
Joe: I know you should take a foops!
by nathan August 04, 2004
An extremely sweaty dirty but tasty poon
-I got sum dirty emmit last night
Fuck yeah
by Nathan January 14, 2004
A fine piece of ass
?? That Beeny sure is a fine piece of ass
by Nathan September 08, 2003
to be moi't is to be damp or wet... its anabbreviation of moist. this aboriginal chick (this is in townsville, australia) was all drunk and she was yellin out "hey , you boys over there, you makin me all moi't!"
my pants are all moi't from the hose
by nathan March 21, 2005
comes from my friend who eats a lot.
Bob: theres only one slice of pizza left
Charlie: DUST IT!
by nathan August 03, 2004

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