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A haircut that is generally used to entice the male sex. It is sometimes assymetrical and almost always blonde in color. It can appear in various forms being either short and choppy or long and layered. Either way it says that "I'm easy." Also, it can be a cut that was inflicted upon a loose girl because she was asking for it with her permiscuous advances. Sometimes a girl who resembles a hoe may cut you in the post office...i.e...slut cut.
One such girl Shiela had long blonde hair that was slightly fried. She approached a young boy, Pete, and went to work. You can see plenty of slut cuts on display on the attrocious T.V. show Laguna Beach.
by natalienouveau August 07, 2006
This phrasology is used to describe a situation in which a person is either eating a Maneschwitz cracker or is in a situation where they have forgotten something.
Erin showed up to class one day, but exclaimed "Jewish crackers!" when told to hand in an assignment that she has forgotten.
by natalienouveau August 07, 2006
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