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The incorrect combination of 1337, netspk, and plain stupidity. Evolved directly from users of 4chan and gaiaonline.
Ef U uze nubfagspk, U luv teh pen0r.

Correct english: If you use nubfagspk, you love the cock.
Correct ntspk: if u uz nubfagspk, u LTC
Correct 1337: ||= \;0|_| |_|53 |\|008|=495|>34|< \;0|_| <3 73|-| (0(|<.
by napoleon_danneskjold November 04, 2007
Nubfagspk for penis.
All nubfagspkrs luv teh pen0r.
by napoleon_danneskjold November 04, 2007

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