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Skilled at the art of taking many large penis at once, to enjoy rimming dirty poop holes
wow, did you see the way that chick pulled an emmy, so many penis and dirty poop holes at onces
by NaNNeR March 11, 2014
(n.) the feeling one aquires when he/she is wearing no underwear. aplies most commonly to those with vaginas.
vagina beholder 1: why, im feeling most bubbly today!
vagina beholder 2: it's laundry day, isn't it...
vagina beholder 1: *nods furiously*
by nanner September 06, 2004
v: to serisouly love something
I hope that you enjoi my definition
by nanner December 03, 2004
Me - my nickname, refers to me in the cutie sense
Awwww, nannerses, you got me underroos?!?! How cute!!
by nanner July 03, 2004

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