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A word that means 'crazy', as in weird, different from others, silly or funny.
1. You are so wacky!
2. Have you heard of that wacky website?
by Nanda June 29, 2006
- Said when someone did something good.
- Opposite of 'thumbs down'.
'Thumbs up for you!'
'Thumbs up! You did a good job!'
by Nanda October 16, 2004
Alternative for noob / newbie. Also used when referring to cows.
Sally: Look, a moob!
Harry: Yes! It is. It's a cow.
by Nanda July 10, 2006
A thing you don't know the exact word / description of.
"Something like that" - "A thingie"

"It's a computer thingie"
by Nanda January 14, 2004
The top # in music stuff.
A listing where people with many hits get listed.
"He reached the charts"
by Nanda January 14, 2004
Hairdresser, barber.
"My hair is too long, I have to go to the haircutter soon!"
by Nanda September 11, 2004
Crazy or weird.
"I'm feeling phazzled today!"

"You are so phazzled!"
by Nanda January 14, 2004

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