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3 definitions by names-are-overatted

Im not against emos. but im sik of every girl bein obsessed with every single one of em, even the ones that are the most ugly things on the planet they seem to find sexy. i listen to that music and feel like smashing things when i listen to it not making my hair pretty and drinking lattes. emo boys are all for show in my opinion
"That emo boy is such a little bitch", sed the man who listens to harcore, a real form of musik
by names-are-overatted November 21, 2005
you are all wrong, screamo refers to bands who have emo lyrics but scream a lot. and they arent 80's and 90's bands they are modern bands such as bullet for my valentine, senses fail, the used (they used to be screamo but now they are sell outs) story of the year and letter kills
screamo is the new emo
by names-are-overatted November 28, 2005
punk chicks usually wear black, hot pink and purple they wear really tight clothes so they usually have extremely hott bodies. their hair is either black with colors or they have hair like avril lavigne. punk chicks are commonly known to be friends with other punks or emo girls and boys. and one thing to remember is that punks chicks arent the same as emo girls, they may listen to they same musik but they arent as emotional and punk chicks are happy most of the time unlike emo girls
punk chicks are the most sexy girls on the planet
by names-are-overatted November 28, 2005