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see lepe
argg it's sucks to be you lepe ..
by nadia June 14, 2004
a word used for mainlanders visiting hawaii
those stupid turkeys...look at them getting ripped off on tourist shit
by nadia January 07, 2004
At the end of the day it isnt what kind of music you listen to or what kind of clothes you wear.

If your walking down the street and somebody who just so happens to be wearing a burberry hat shouts comments at you, its not beacause they are a towny, because at the end of the day you have to realise that they are the worthless peices of shit not townie.

It'snot because they are a twony and thats what all you wet people out there have to understand. Bcause people listen to R and B, garage whatever doesnt mean that they are townies, or just beacuse they like nike and adidas and dont want to blow their money on real burberry so maybe all u lot shud get your facts right.
yeah theyare townies over there and those ppl are greebos
by nadia March 23, 2004
The supposed amount of time (5 seconds)you have to pick up food after it's been dropped on the ground or floor. Allegedly, the bacteria doesn't get on it before 5 seconds is up so you can still eat it if you pick it up really quickly. Sadly, it's all bullshit and not true but it makes good for justification - mainly so people don't call you gross.
*drops an ice lolly*
*picks it up, brushes it off, sticks in mouth*
by Nadia July 09, 2004
a mad cool rapper w/ a real nice smile
MaShawn: mase is mad cool w/ a nice smile
Nadia:yea but he got a lopsided head
by nadia December 12, 2004
a delirious cry of happiness or frustration
by Nadia October 19, 2001
Illegal (or illegally, since, as we all know, slang is very versatile.)

Illegal being shortened to ill for those who prefer monosyllabic words, changed to a synonymous word (sick) because meanings don't matter anymore.
1. I think that burning that DVD might have been sick, don't get caught
2. Did you burn that sick?
by Nadia July 20, 2004

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