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Mehdi is a man who is funny & can be very charming when he wants to. He is dark & handsome, although not at all tall. He is intelligent in many ways & a genius with computers, great at math, but kinda sucks at spelling. He can be very philosophical. He has black curly hair & warm honey golden brown eyes.He is very warm & caring. He is very family-orientated. He is a great father, a wonderful husband & anyone would be lucky to have him in their life. Women swoon at his feet, but he just steps over them because he is veryfaithful & only has eyes for his wife. He definitely has a sensitive & sentimental side. He is kind of a geek, but in a good way. He can speak several languages fluently & is very talented. One of his favorite quotes is that "the most silent creature is often the deadliest" when he feels he is being taken advantage of. He is a great singer.He can be stubborn & bull-headed but yet he is a very calm, patient, & forgiving man. He is just one of the best people anyone can know. He is very much loved by all that meet him. There is so much more to write about this man, but time & space just do not permit the continuation of many words that would be sure to come.
I love Mehdi.

Computer having problems? Call Mehdi, he'll know what to do!

Woman 1: Oh my! Who is that handsome guy?!
Woman 2: Don't bother. He's married and completely faithful - believe me, I tried.
Woman 1: Why are all the good ones taken? Must be a Mehdi.
by nOneXs!SteNT December 03, 2010
Stands for "fuck me running sideways". Is used to express disbelief or frustration. Can be said using full terminology or can abbreviated to save time while talking, texting or typing.
Person 1: "Did you remember to bring the notes for today's pop quiz?"

Person 2: "FMRS! I forgot them at home!"
by nOneXs!SteNT December 03, 2010
A bengali affectionate word meaning the youngest or smallest brother.
Kochi, Dhula bhai wants to talk to you!
by nOneXs!SteNT December 03, 2010
stands for Fuck Me Good!
Like when you're getting it on and into it and say "fuck me good!", same application for FMG when talking dirty over the net or while txting.
by nOneXs!SteNT December 03, 2010

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