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Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The non-Jpanese version of the Super Family Computer (Super Famicom). 16bit game system that brought us classic games such as Final Fantasy VI, Zelda, Yoshi's Island, Street Fighter II, Chrono Trigger etc. etc.

Nintendo also was planning on a CD based SNES with collaboration with Sony but this partnership failed and so the "Playstation" was produced solely by Sony, and Nintendo forever lost the ability to have CD-ROM support in their consoles (They also messed up with Phillips).
SNES9X and ZSNES are good PC emulators for SNES.
by N04h January 02, 2006
A Brazilian footballer, used to be the best player in the world. A left-footed attacking midfielder or support striker. Now plays at Olympiacos.
Rivaldo also faked an injury in the 2002 world cup.
by N04h January 01, 2006
A "leet" way to say "troll". Refering to a person who attempts to start an argument or fight on online forums or charooms.
Tr0ll alet! Prepare to be 0wn3d!!11
by N04h October 25, 2005
A "leet" form of "gayness". Meaning something that is gay or undesirable.
Congratulations! This thread is currently running at max GAYNEZ.
by N04h October 25, 2005
Matrix Laboratory. It's a programming language developed by The MathWorks intended for scientists and engineers.

Has lots of useful built-in functions and toolboxes for signal processing, data analysis, modelling etc.

Hard to get used to if you're used to C/C++ or Java as it is not object oriented, and the syntax is quite different.
MATLAB ccode example:

H=tf(60*pi, 1 60*pi);
by N04h August 02, 2006
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