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Get stuck in a traffic jam.
Jane got traffucked on her way to the gym.
by Nãvnã December 28, 2013
To cause or effect the influence of parasitic co-workers or any other acquaintanceship; especially with those of sly "mockingbird-brainers" calling themselves friends. Essentially a camaraderie than companionship.
His life was friendwiched by the conniving mates in his department who were sly enough to abuse naïveness.
by Nãvnã May 09, 2011
Akin to nymphomania but only due to ripe (nubile) age and hormones; as opposed to sexual starvation after loss of virginity.
A cultured woman at the age of 18 (bimbo) may share a whiff of nymphomania as subtle as the younger flocks (bird-brains) of the western bimbomaniacs who serve well @self-pimping up-to immature indulgence before favorable biological maturity of the psyché thereby.
by Nãvnã April 17, 2011
That which we expect (or gain) by celebrating religious festivals apart from culture.
It was rather amusing to see our Christian and Muslim friends enlightaining themselves when they joined in with musical instruments as we sang the bhajans during the aarti.

The uni-cultural minded world has not seen enough of enlightainment crisis among the multi-cultural Indians. Has the cultural intercourse screwed it all up for us?
by Nãvnã December 19, 2010
An act of shoving a holy book down one's throat (or fingers when typing over the internet).
Amey: I find it fascinating that God is praised for the same ol' world that ever lived and today we blame one another for.

TJay: Your whole diatribe is baseless & not based on the Bible at all.

Amey: I wasn't talking about The Bible.

TJay: Religions per say, are not neccessarily based on the Bible, so blaming God himself for what 'others' say about the Bible, doesn't make their statements true does it!? Here is the the solution: First..READ The ACTUAL BIBLE. Gain therfore HIS thoughts, not mans. And then make your considered opinion.

Amey: Don't deep-throat a holy book unto me.
by Nãvnã October 29, 2011

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