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A lovely 'bunch' of ladies - all previous comments referring to woolwich as being 'skanky' are most definantly untrue. If you did know of this school (which i'm positive you wouldnt if you said all that), you would know that the skirts are long - so please tell me how this is 'skanky'.

The girls whom attend are very delightful, although with the odd exception (much alike to any other school).

You people that think you are mad by saying all of this are just sad! You don't even have the guts to say your name, and step up to the plate - your just a whimp in my books!
The skirts of woolwich are short - so get over it, and stop slaundering a good school. Stop judging an entire skool by 1 person on occurence.
by mznewbooty November 17, 2006

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