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3 definitions by mzlizz

the act of totally ruining the grass in a previously pristine lawn

combines the words grass and massacre
"oh crap, I totally committed grassacre on the lawn with that new trimmer"

"JoeRay's penchant for farming yards in his pickup was cut short when he was taken in for questioning related to a recent grassacre incident at Sunny Valley Retirement Village."
by mzlizz August 01, 2009
A person who routinely gets very drunk, then starts calling everyone in their phone book. This call is usually very late at night or early in the morning, and not remebered by the alchocaller.
Sylvia called all the way to the "P's" in her cell phone contact list before she passed out. I'm afraid she may be an alchocallic.
by mzlizz April 13, 2010
An item that doesn't have an exact name, or something

that's name you can't remember.

Similar to a thing-a-ma-jig, a whatcha-call-it, or a

The garbage disposal is stuck. Go get that hoomahootchie from the junk drawer in the kitchen.
by mzlizz July 15, 2010