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2 definitions by myponyhasamohawk

This stands for "WP", which in turn stands for West Port, as in West Port High School. Or it could be the "wp" in wolfpack, West Port's mascot. This term originated among the more ghetto students at the school in Ocala, Florida.
I'm a senior at Dub-P.
by myponyhasamohawk August 11, 2008
A teeny little town on the west side of Lake Okeechobee in Glades County in Florida. Every year it hosts Chalo Nitka which consists of a rodeo, fair, parade, kids' day, and...stuff.

I'd have to say a lot of the people there have that small town mentality and whenever I go to the slim pickings grocery store there's always somebody to scare me/gross me out. If you need to go to a Wal-Mart you have to drive to Clewiston for one.

A.K.A Hooterville by those who are speaking condescendingly of it.
a threat: "I'm gonna ship you down to Moore Haven to live w/ your father!"
by myponyhasamohawk July 18, 2008