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A term used to express disdain for any unfortunate incident, especially after too much hype or excessive promotion.
After losing $200.00 at the black jack table Eugene proclaimed "I shaved my balls for this?"
#balls #hype #shaved #let down #bummer #fail
by myfartssmelllikepoop July 11, 2012
Logic that is so infallible, profound and unfalsifiable it cannot and should not be fucked with.
"Hey Rodd, we should skip work and go get some stank on our hang lows."
"Now that idea is Wu Tang Solid"
"Thanks, can I borrow 50 bucks?"
"Fuck you..."
#logical #brilliant #genius #unfallible #true dat
by myfartssmelllikepoop March 21, 2013
the act of three girls making-out with each other simultaneously. Special attention must be paid in this maneuver to allow for each girl to kiss the other two, ie proper nose placement and lip alignment. The best view of this phenomenon is from the aerial perspective.

When two bi-spurious females add a third girl to the mix the reaction is usually compounded exponentially.
Person 1: Would you take a look at those attention-whores... they are so bi-spurious.
Person 2: wait a minute, is another girl joining in?
Person 1: Holy Shit, Three Leaf Clover!!
#bi-spurious #attention-whore #bi-curious #bisexual #lesbians
by myfartssmelllikepoop November 26, 2010
The act of masturbating at your place of business.

Sally caught me werkin it to lesbian porn today, so needless to say I am now unemployed... Thanks Obama...
ally caught me wherkin it to lesbian porn today, so needless to say I am now unemployed... T
#masturbation #jerking off #spanking the pud #releasing the demons #knuckle shuffling
by myfartssmelllikepoop March 22, 2013
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