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(Long Form: McGill University, Université du McGill)

1. An internationally respected institution for higher learning located in Montreal, Quebec.

2. The most kick-ass university in the world.

3. Sometimes referred to as the, "Harvard of Canada," it in fact bears no resemblance whatsoever to the well-known United States university, in that the students of McGill must work for their grades and yet still have an infinitely more active and enjoyable social life.
Harvard Student: Hey, my friends and I were just discussing how we did on the SATs. What about you?
McGill Student: Er, sounds like fun, but i have to get some studying done before partying like mad tonight with (beautiful/handsome) (girls/guys) in the coolest city in the world. I'll see ya round.
Harvard Student: Wow. I am such a tool.
by mwp March 04, 2005

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