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3 definitions by mwbluedevil

The penultimate example of swag; exhibiting coolness and or perfection with style. Usually said after something really boss is done.
person 1: Dude i just scored on a babe last night without saying a word to her!

person 2: TRUE SWAG
by mwbluedevil February 16, 2012
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One who lives a true swagg-filled life all day every day. They are on a greater level then a "typical" bro and have a supreme roll in society. They are especially hard to come by, you will know one when you see one.

Note: the ultimate bro does not try to be a bro because it comes naturally to him.
Bro: whats up bro
Ultimate Bro: dude im chill, whats good with you
Bro: not much
Ultimate Bro: homie im gonna swagg it up in this nine peace
by mwbluedevil January 25, 2012
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A spin off of a marinara sanchez. When a man fingers a woman during her period and wipes his bloody fingers across his cheeks, using it as indian war paint.
Person1: Dude i was fingering tammy during her period
Person2: Did you marinara squanto her?
Person1: Yeah, it was sweet she was totally turned on. She gave an indian call too.
by mwbluedevil March 01, 2012
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