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Stop worrying about it, or STOP asking.
When someone doesn't want you to know what they are talking about.
Aka if someone says it to you, stop being annoying.
Jose: damnn, dude you'll never guess what happend last night homez!

Pancho: Damn What happend bro?

Jose: *Tells Pancho what happend.

Random Person: Damn jose what happend?

Jose: Damn nigga, Dont Trip, stop bein nosyy shitttt.

Random Person: Fine.. :|
by mv7_db9 February 11, 2009
-Don't take what ever they told you all serious, in other words its a joke.
Ex. 1
Pablo: Yo, dont take it to the heart, but your haircut... yeah its kinda gay.

Jose: Haha, this nigguh , nah man i like it.

Ex. 2

Carlos: damn Tony ur a homo dude!

Tony: Wow dude your gay =

Carlos: Haha jk dude, damn you took it to the heart!
by mv7_db9 February 27, 2009
Clean version of "This Nigga" <--
Look it up.

Jimmy: Damn homez I just got jumped!

Joe: This Guy! hahaha
by mv7_db9 February 11, 2009

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