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An Australian way of saying "yeah right"
Minister: "Prime Minister, apparently George Bush has an IQ of 160."
Prime Minister:"Pigs arse!"
by murphoman May 24, 2010
The name of the car that captain Hazel Murphy drove around in Sealab 2021.
Hey whos up for a whirl in the Murphmobile
by murphoman May 28, 2010
An insulting term for an uncultured person, usually said by posh people
Gordon: "I don't understand this painting at all".

Art Gallery owner: "Phillestine."
by murphoman May 25, 2010
Also known as hells fish and chip shop. A place where your bound for an early grave if you eat the chips
Sarah: "Hey Jim, wanna go to the Marden fish & chip shop?"
Jim:"I would no sooner eat the ungodly food stuff under the oven."
by murphoman May 29, 2010
Another word for vile or disgusting usually said by the British
1. God this music is rancid.
2. This milk has gone rancid.
by murphoman May 26, 2010
a phrase you say on Leif Erricson day (just make up the date of the holiday)
Spongebob squarepants: "Hey everyone its Leif Erricson day, Hinga Danga Durgan"
by murphoman May 13, 2010

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